Alternative Modular On30??

Working from a prototype location or trying to fit a specific space? Everyone loves a good trackplan...
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Alternative Modular On30??

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Came across this mini layout / diorama concept that rather cleverly using IKEA 'APA' kids storage boxes as a base

At £11 a box that's pretty good value in my opinion.... ... =18&t=6387


Dan Spalding

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Re: Alternative Modular On30??

Post by el_capitan »

Hi Dan,

I know Alexander who presents his APA Box modules.

They are actually HOn3. I'm also testing these out with a module to fit his standards as well as a Micro switching layout. I probably will bring them along to Meriden.
The boxes are 70 x 36 x 29 cm, so you only have 29 cm in depth to lay your track and do some scenery. The lid is very handy for closing the box to protect the layout or module against dust or transport hazards.
Check Alexanders homepage out. The Link leads you to his page where he has set some simple standards i.e. bolt holes etc
so long

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