Single Track Module Set

Working from a prototype location or trying to fit a specific space? Everyone loves a good trackplan...
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Single Track Module Set

Post by JimD17 »

I am planning to build a 6m long set of single track N Gauge modules as a scenic run; these will have the track at the ends at the middle of the boards, as per FreemoN standards.

I have a few ideas as to the scenery I wish to do but was wondering as to what others would do. Single track only, add a spur to an industry, bridges over river or road, fixed period or generic, what?

Jim Dickinson
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Re: Single Track Module Set

Post by BrianMoore »

All I can add is that I eventually plan to do a single-track "spacer" module in HO, and mine will depict a city street running scene, with lots of buildings made from DPM packs (some semi-flat), and probably a grade crossing. An expanded version of Andy Gautrey's Grunge Street. ... -crossing/

But then, yours will be a lot longer than mine. On that length, perhaps I'd go for a "less is more" concept, and just have the whole lot as sandy scrub, for the pleasure of just running a train through it.
Brian Moore
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Re: Single Track Module Set

Post by torikoos »

6m in N scale is similar to 12m (40ft +) in HO , while a single track with just scenery sounds tempting, a few items for scenic interest could be included. Culverts, a bridge, an abandoned spur , some slight hill sides , trees and brushes , a grade crossing or overpass along the way etc. it would keep the viewers interest longer than a salt flat for example ...

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Re: Single Track Module Set

Post by Gloriousnse »

Got to say that's a loooooong bit of plain track. You could conceivably have an awful lot of such features in that length without it looking contrived!

Like the grade crossing example, it'd give you enough plain track either side to have a working one without the detection getting too complicated.
Martyn Read
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Re: Single Track Module Set

Post by PeterLJ »

I am with Koos on this one, nothing beats a long train on a very long scenic only module! There must be a proper word for this.

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Re: Single Track Module Set

Post by Mike_R »

I would put in a long wide curve or two. To look good there needs to be a reason for the curve, a rock outcrop, river etc. or a cheaply built route following contours.
Mike Ruby
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