Scratch building a warehouse

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Re: Scratch building a warehouse

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I use Walthers Modulars Roof Details #933 3733 for vents and air conditioners. Also the small nickel silver fold up ones from BLMA.

Like you I found no ready source for suitable warehouses so have scratch-built a few and have also kitbashed Great Western Models and the Walthers Magic Pan Bakery building into a very convincing low relief warehouse. Must post some pictures - indeed must take some!
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Re: Scratch building a warehouse

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It may be ok if a spray on sealer is applied.
I have used Anita's Tacky PVA Glue (bought at the Range) that seems to be lasting. I've also used a Pritt glue roller, which deposits glue off a carrier tape. It has worked well on styrene, card and paper. I used it to glue paper signs to styrene back plates. While transporting the layout they got wet, the ink ran but they stayed stuck!

The only PVA I've had fail is on my modules legs, one came loose yesterday. After checking today I have redone over 50% of the joints! Only the screws were holding them together, but then they have spent over 10 years in my trailer getting below 0 and up to who knows what in the direct summer sun!

I have several packs of Walther roof details, ladders and pipes. Another of those things I keep picking up for when I get around to doing the buildings.

Another source of modern buildings and older UK buildings is Scalescenes. You download their kits, print them out, stick to cardboard and assemble. They sell texture sheets as well, I have several wood, concrete and corrugated sheets, my lumber spur buildings were done with them. For HO just print them out at 87% and as many times as you need for the structure.

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Re: Scratch building a warehouse

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Thanks everyone, I will check what I can do to prevent them from peeling off over time.

cheers for the suggestions.

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