How To Change your Username

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How To Change your Username

Post by torikoos »

From time to time we get a question how you can change your user name to something a bit more readable. (when you first sign up it's just a number).
To change your user name, you will have to navigate away from the forum section , but go to the home page of the NMRA-BR website.
There you log in to the 'members section', using the exact same username and log in as you do here.
Once logged in, you can find your profile settings in the menu on the left.
This is where you can edit your user name and password, as well as other items, such as email address and modeling interests.
It will then also work on this forum.

Don't forget, since you have changed your username (and perhaps your password), you might need to log in to the forum again with these new credentials, so write them down somewhere safe. :-)

Any problems, let us know.

Koos Fockens -Devon UK. North American Model Railroading
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Re: How To Change your Username

Post by Gloriousnse »

Just a quick 'Bump' to this post to remind folk of it's existence.

Please do update your details when you start using the site - if you are still have a numerical username based on your membership number please do update that to something a little more user friendly (and hopefully memorable) - to change your username you need to log in on the website here:

And once you're in use the 'view/edit profile' link on the left.

In addition, if you are still using your default password then you really, really, should update that also via the same method!
Martyn Read
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