Welcome and Forum Rules

New users, read this stuff first!
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Welcome and Forum Rules

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Welcome to the new NMRA-BR forum!

This place is a new start for all of us, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. New house, new rules, new environment and opportunities.

If you don't understand how things work please post a question thread in this Information section of the forum and our team will do our best to explain how it works.

So - the nitty gritty.


* Don't post any material that may be regarded as discriminatory, libellous or malicious to any other party.

* Don't post unsubstantiated or inaccurate criticism of any individual or organisation. Any criticism should be presented in the same manner as would be appropriate for a face to face conversation.

* Don't post inappropriate language or content of, but not limited to, obscene, racist, sexist or blasphemous nature.

* Don't post any content that breaches the confidence or anonymity of other members including the administration team.

* Don't post any material which infringes copyright. It is the responsibility of the poster to seek reproduction permission before posting other persons' material. For more info or advice on image usage see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=37&sid=e95ff481569 ... 74df73#p60

* Forum membership is not available to anyone under the age of 13.

* Please don't post pointless, irrelevant or inflammatory content.

Any breach of the above rules may lead to placing a warning against the member's profile, and/or suspension, limitation or removal of forum access rights. Subsequent registrations will have the same penalties applied. Topics or posts which contravene any of the above rules may be removed without further notification.

If you see any content or behavior which you believe breaks these rules or gives cause for concern please do not respond to the topic but report the topic in question to the moderating team using the 'report this post' button which you can find on the top right of every post. The moderating team do not read every single post on this forum so reporting the topic is the only sure way to get them involved.


* Don't use bad language, it isn't clever and can cause problems very quickly.

* Don't hijack a thread, keep to the subject under discussion if at all possible and don't try to take over a discussion or ask unrelated questions.

* Don't write EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS it's considered to be shouting and can annoy people very easily.

* Don't use txt speak it is best avoided if you want to be understood.

* Politics, Religion and Sex are considered OFF LIMIT subjects, frequently these subject cause friction between people who wouldn't normally fall out with each other over any modelling subject.

* Do Use a spell checker before you post your contribution if you have a problem with spelling, or type out your contribution in a word processing program, check the grammar and spelling, then copy and paste it into the forum reply window.

* Do, if you're having problems or want advice, contact one of the Moderators. They're there to oversee the running of the forum and to enforce the rules but they can also advise on aspects of forum protocol and assist if you're having problems with uploading photos for instance.

* Do explore the forum, there's a huge amount of information on here with photos and videos. Many of the members post links to their own websites and other items of interest. Many subjects will have been discussed on this forum or previous incarnations, please try to make use of the search function.

* Do make use of the PM (private message) facility if your response to a post is one-to-one. As well as being more personal, this can reduce "chatter" on the forum. It is also an excellent way to make new friends.
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