How to access the forum

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How to access the forum

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To use this forum at present you must be an NMRA-BR member who subscribes to region services (this site is defined as a region service) - I.E. those subscribed at the £24 p.a. rate or higher.

If you don't qualify for this then the majority of the site will still be viewable to you without logging in (although some parts of it will be hidden) - you will not be able to post or interact with it however. If you join the NMRA-BR via our website and pay via paypal we should be able to give you same-day access to the forum.

The forum is integrated with the membership login on the NMRA-BR website it's part of, if you are already a member and you have registered and received a log-on for the members-only area there then you should be able to log in here with the same information (if it has not already done that for you automatically.)

If you are already a member but have never logged into the members area before please contact the site admin and he will provide you with initial login details.
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