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Mobile App - How To

Post by nmrabradmin »

We have implemented a new feature on the forum which allows you to view and post topics more easily via your mobile device. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet you will now be able to download an app from Tapatalk (paid app, currently £1.99) and have forum access on the go.

Here are the download links:


Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow these instructions:

Open App. Click on 'Settings' and then under 'Tapatalk ID' click on 'Create One' to create an account. Click on 'Register ' on the following screen. Once you have registered and confirmed your email address, log in using your new account.

Now on the bottom icons click on 'Search'. Type in '' into the search box then click 'Search'. You will now see the NMRA BR forum listed. Tap on it and you will see the forum. On the bottom left of the screen tap 'Login' and enter your forum login details (the usual one you use for the forum), then click 'Login'.

You will now see the full forum as per your membership permissions. The 'Latest; icon on the bottom left shows the latest unread posts, posts you have posted and all posts, depending what tab you click on at the top of the screen.

The 'Forum' icon shows you all the forums - click on each one to view the sub-forums and the posts under each one.

The 'Subscribe' button (top right) of each forum screen will subscribe you to forum updates so you will be notified each time there is a new post.

If you have any questions regarding this app, please get in touch with either Peter Borcherds or Martyn Reed, who will do their best to answer your questions.
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Re: Mobile App - How To

Post by Gloriousnse »

Just a quick bump for this - the Beta version for the next version of Tapatalk (Tapatalk 4) is currently available for free - if you view this forum on a mobile device of any kind it's well worth trying out. Search for Tapatalk 4 on your relevant App store...
Martyn Read
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