Weathering another boxcar

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Re: Weathering another boxcar

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From the point of view of artistic use, I find that the water miscible oil paints are very good and they don't stink the place out - I know about the odourless solvent for oils and have used that as well on paintings.
I was interested in the comments about acrylic paints drying too quickly, the simple answer is to mix in a retarder gel which will adjust the drying time to suit you.
At the moment, I am using oil pastels for quick weathering, these do need a solvent and the odourless spirit meets the requirement. The beauty of using these is that if you get fed up with the finish you can clean it off with white spirit etc. I'll do some photos to demonstrate their use.
All the items I've mentioned can be obtained by mail order from Jackson's Art Supplies, who give great service and I can recommend their water miscible oils. Look them up on line but be warned they have an immense range of materials - you don't need the top quality artist grade paint etc but I would go for the better brushes but not sables, they don't take kindly to model painting and tend to be dear.
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