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The Build a Structure challenge Winter 2014

Posted: Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:37 pm
by torikoos
The colder darker months are ahead, time to get building!

Welcome to the first NMRA-BR online modeling Challenge. Modeling challenges are nothing new, but it is our first online challenge.

The Winter 2014 'Build a Structure Challenge'.
Runs from December 1st 2014, till March 1st 2015.

The rules are simple, so anyone with any skill level can join in:

- You must be an NMRA-BR member with a membership including 'Region Services', as long as the challenge runs for.

- Any structure is permitted (from a shed to a city tower, bridges, etc).

- Kitbash, Scratchbuild, or just a commercial kit being detailed further.

- Any scale or era.

- Prototype or freelance, as long as it is plausible as a 'North American' structure (so no Dutch windmills, or Bavarian farms etc).

- Create a new thread to show your Build progress here on this forum in the Competition and Challenges section - show us the build at regular intervals as long as the challenge runs, but do use 'Build a Structure' and your name part of your title. E.g " John Smith Build a Structure challenge 2014" . You must include pictures and/or drawings of your build, and build progress with a description.
Guidance on how to do that can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=37 (The aim is to share your build techniques and end results so we can all learn from it, or simply enjoy it).

- Updates on your progress can be done in the form of 'reply' to your own topic.

IMPORTANT: Other members please refrain from commenting on these 'builds' as not to dilute the thread, and make it easier for the RH editor to gather all text and images. Only the builder 'replies' with updates.

Commenting can start AFTER the challenge is over.

- Structures you have already finished do not count, but feel free to show them off in the structure section of course. You must start with a new structure. And needless to say, You build the structure, no physical help allowed. It is allowed to ask others for advice or research material however. (another way to share!)

- The start of the challenge is December 1st 2014 , but you can join at any stage before the closing date (although you have less time to finish it).

- Closing date is March 1st 2015
After the closing date, an online poll will be opened on this forum, where fellow members can vote on your work, most votes wins!

Prizes: Winner and Runner's Up , Structure builds will appear as an article in Roundhouse. A Honorable mention on the website will also be posted. After that everyone is a winner, you gain skills, you gain a structure, and you gain fame by posting your work here. You might even gain fans and friends. :-)
The forum administrator will move the completed builds to the relevant section of the forum to share with the general public.

Of course, this being the NMRA-BR, it is also allowed to enter the finished structure for the Achievement Program if you wish to do so.

Good luck!

PS: if you are still unsure on how this challenge works (drop me a PM), or visit the following forum to get the general idea.

Re: The Build a Structure challenge Winter 2014

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:00 pm
by torikoos
I have decided to grant you all a few more days to complete the structures. March one , will now be evening of March 2nd. :-)
The main reason is that I will have limited time on the weekend to work on the forum and set everything up for the next stage of the challenge, moving the threads to a visible to 'all' location, and set up a voting poll. Truth be told I won't be able to do that until Monday at the earliest, so you have an additional day (ish).