On30 Annual 2019

On30 and other 1/48th scale narrowgauges
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On30 and other 1/48th scale narrowgauges
Contact: John Levesley
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On30 Annual 2019

Post by david_heath899 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:12 pm

The On30 Annual 2019 is now available from White River Productions – at least, in the United States. I don’t believe it’s made it across the Atlantic yet; none of the usual UK stockists appear to have it listed. I’ve attached the URL so readers can view the full contents:


Of course, people can always purchase it directly from the publisher but given the shipping costs to the UK, it’s probably better to wait (and they’re currently experiencing delays due to the extreme weather).
David Heath

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Re: On30 Annual 2019

Post by 800824 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:55 pm

The On30 Annual 2019 may not be available in the USA yet. White River encourage pre-orders at a slightly reduced price, but usually don't release the publication until this offer expires, in this case March 31st 2019.
Shipping costs from the US to the UK are often high, as David has noted, and of course, there is a risk that a small package will go missing during the long journey.
We (Linda Tinker Railway Books) will be ordering copies of the On30 Annual 2019, along with White River's other early 2019 releases. Should arrive sometime in April. Details on our website.

Linda and Rob
Linda Tinker Railway Books

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