Page 11 - May June 2020
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 down, you could also use Testors Dull Coat.This is an easy project to try and the whole process was completed in a a few hours, allowing time for paint to dry before scrubbing the surface with a toothbrush to remove the salt.
There is an amazing amount of detail on this car including the interior which will not be seen in the finished application but as I reassembled the car I realised that the interior needs to be included to keep the body in place.
This process and can be applied to freight cars, locomotives and anywhere that rust and weathering is needed.
Peter Bowen
   The table salt applied here and there
A tooth brush scrubs the salt off
A cotton bud applies Pan Pastel
   The grey primer is sprayed over the top of the salt covered body
Burnt Sienna Pan Pastel is applied with a brush onto areas where a subtle rust shading is required
Close up detail showing the final effect of rust and rust staining
  ROUNDHOUSE - May/June 2020

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