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 Thunder Mountain & Northern
Al Dutour
  The TM&N motive power depot is a noisy hub of activity on the TM&N - photos by Sarah Dutour
T he Thunder Mountain and Northern Railroad (TM&N)
was built from a Canadian
Pacific branchline in Eastern British Columbia, known as the CPR Tie
and Timber Branch, located near Canal Flats in the eastern Rocky Mountains. The actual branch was short lived and the little two truck shay Number 1, was left derilict in Findley Creek. The TM&N came to the valley to log the Eastern and Western slopes where the good timber was still available in the 1920s.
The rails were relaid twelve miles into the wilderness to access this timber, mostly pine and a few Climax locomo- tives were leased to haul the log cars down to Lake Windermere, at the valley bottom. The logs were dumped at an A-Frame log unloader into the water and floated to the mill at Canal Flat. As the railroad prospered it aquired a few diesel locomotives in 1950, SW1 and a GE 45-tonner took care of the mill and log dump while Canadian Pacific leased out some GP9s to run the log trains to the log dump.
In later years, the TM&N became a group of companies which was consolidated into Trans Mountain Railcorp. To this day though still called the TM&N which holds interests in the Canal Flat mill, it still owns locomotives, some trucking and its own railroad.
My TM&N model railroad began in 1984. Starting with a 5 foot long timber truss bridge, as seen in the above photo, thead- joining trestle approaches and snow shed above it are all scratchbuilt.
TM&N SD70 #987 motive power is often leased to the Canadian Pacific
    Overall layout in a two car garage with mountains modelled in the background
  A busy street scene complete with working traffic lights
Loads of details make each scene come to life and make it look believable
   ROUNDHOUSE - May/June 2020

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