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  neering as well. Digitrax DCC controls the entire layout and someday signalling will be installed. It is also connected
to JMRI for decoder programming as well. Most of the trees and buildings are scratchbuilt as well as LED lighting and incandescent for night running with static display signals for now.
All the locomotives have DCC decoders and most of those have sound. I also use a Soundtraxx Soundcar in a few cars for added realism. Many locomotives have been detailed and modified in some
way or another including road specific detailing, airbrushed paints, decals, LED lighting, sound decoders and the latest mobile phone speaker technology.
Every part of this layout is essentially a module of sorts, that can be disconnected for moving if necessary. The towns of Canal Flat, Windermere, Fernie, Spar- wood, Nelson and Castlegar are loosely modelled here.TM&N, Canadian Pacif-
ic (CPRail) and the occasional BCRail locomotives run on the TMandN. This railroad was designed to be operated and I have had many people on it to enjoy what it has to offer.
Long trains, mixed freights, coal trains, intermodal and wayfreights all have a home here. This can be viewed on You- tube. Search for “TMandN” and in Face- book “Thunder Mountain and Northern”.
The future? . . . Superdetailing the various scenes adding more people, trees, water effects, and possibly animation as well.
Al Dutour
A screenshot from one of my YouTube videos on the TM&N - Lead unit SD40-2F “Red Barn” #9023, SD40-2 #6053 and SD40-2 #5864 emerge from tunnel
RDC’s stop at a small depot amoungst a highly detailed scene
Photo below shows the overall scene with the different track levels of the railroad from the lower loop running past the motive power depot to the mid level loop. The upper logging track has an almost vertical wall of trees and painted background that very cleverly hides the upper loop track running behind
ROUNDHOUSE - May/June 2020

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