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Part 19 - The Achievement Program
Section 1 – Introduction and Overview
By Keith Webb
  We start in this issue with a series of articles on The Achievement Program which will include individual elements looking at some key categories authored by Master Model Railroaders (MMRs) who have trodden the path. Here Achievement Program Chairman Keith Webb sets the scene on the subject and provides an overview of what is entailed and where you will find much guidance on the subject.
The aim here is to offer just a little more than an introduction and to encourage you to look further into this subject, while trying to keep it as basic and light as possible.
The Achievement Program (AP) is not a contest. I’ll repeat that, it is not a contest, but is more in the way of a guide or a journey , helping you grow and develop your skills through model railroading. The AP also provides incentives to help you learn and master many of the skills you will need along your journey. With the completion of each category, you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement acknowledging your achievement.
to the hobby, such as scenery, structures, track-work, and wiring. It also recognises service to the hobby and the NMRA, which are important as well. The Achievement Program is also a personal commitment to share one's knowledge with others and to encourage them as they also make the AP journey. The hope is that you will find how easy it is to participate in the Achievement Program and help start you off on the right foot in the right direction.
What is important to note is that this program is not limited to North American modelling, just that those taking part must be current NMRA Members. You can model any prototype you wish, in any scale.
Please do explore the Achievement Program section of the NMRA website at:
There are also links to interesting articles and experiences by previous participants – these may even help encourage you in your own modelling, whether you feel the AP program is for you or not!
Master Model Railroader ®
An NMRA member qualifies as a Master Model Railroader® when he/she has obtained at least seven of the eleven Certificates of Achievement. It is important to note that at least one Certificate is required from each of the four sections: Model Railroad Equipment, Settings, Engineering and Operation, and Service to the Hobby.
Earning the title of Master Model Railroader® is the ultimate goal for many participants in the Achievement Program. Members achieving this status are also encouraged to serve as instructors in the "Modeling With The Masters®" program.
Golden Spike Award
The Golden Spike Award is a good way to explore the skills required for the AP Program at a basic level. Although it does not count within the program, it will give you an insight into just how much better you are at modelling than you think you are and perhaps further encourage you to participate. This award is achievable by most members.
Please read the full requirements here:
    If you will, it’s a model railway challenge where you control the time, the pace and the theme. What’s more, the scratch-building challenge does not involve bathroom items!
The AP requirements are a set of standards in quality and quantity. However, they can also be guidelines equally for those who are new or experienced in the hobby. It’s not about rewards and official backslapping, but a way to obtain ideas for projects that can help all of us to become better modelers.
Briefly, the AP is a system of requirements for demonstrating a superior level of skill in various aspects of our hobby. It covers not only building various types of models, but also building other things which are important
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