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 screen follow Edit=>Preferences=>Dis- play=>Locale (tab). From the drop down box select English (United States) and then save. If you are modelling a UK themed layout, you will need to select English (United Kingdom). Photo 6 Setting up JMRI Operations can be complex, but ultimately rewarding, and should only need to be done once.
If you decide to go down this route
I recommend that you join the JMRI User group, you can do this through the JMRI website or follow this link: https://, where you can ask questions and receive expert guidance to resolve any issues you might have. You will also receive advice when a new version of the program is available. One common problem on a first attempt to download JMRI is an over enthusiastic
   Photo 3
will involve setting a configuration user profile, see photo 2.
Selecting new from the initial screen
will bring up the new profile box. If you intend to use only Operations then you could use “Operations” as the name, if you are already a JMRI user then choose as you wish. Leave the Location and Folder as shown.
After you click OK you will return to the “Set active Profile” screen. Choose the profile you have just established, there will be a pause whilst JMRI sets up the necessary files and when this has fin- ished the Preferences screen will appear for you to establish your connection.As you will not actually have a connection you will need to choose “None” in the first box and a connection of “No con- nection” will be automatically filled. Save your work - Photo 3.
On restarting, you should firstly have to choose your profile, and then you should have the screen shown here.The screen- shot is from my own layout - Photo 4.
Choose Tools=>Operations=>Settings to take you to the appropriate screen to finalise your settings - Photo 5.The im-
Photo 4
Photo 5
portant settings to be done are indicat- ed. Others will be covered in later parts of these articles.
Give your railroad a name.
East/West = usual direction of travel on your railroad.
HO= scale modelled. Maximum length = set in feet according to your layout
Car Type = descriptive will show “box- car” etc,AAR will show “XM” etc.
Unit of length = feet, but use metric if you wish.
Add Ops to Main Menu will show Operations as in Photo 4. Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to save your work!
To ensure that you use American expres- sions such as boxcar/XM etc. you will need set your locale.This is done from the settings screen so from the start
Photo 6
anti-virus program which can block the download, you will need to allow an exemption or suchlike.The download is safe from the JMRI website. Not only is the User Group helpful, but there are also help pages available on the JMRI website. If the worst comes to the worst you are welcome to contact me and I will try to help as best I can.
Brian Clark
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