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 A Jersey Central GP7 is loading the car float
ing a classification yard.A lifting bridge for people access on the fourth side of the whole layout enables continuous running.
The Middlesex classification yard is so called as I was born in that county and there is a Middlesex County in the state of New Jersey some 25 miles south west of Jersey City through which the B&O (now Chessie System) had a route. But
I digress, this article concentrates on Evelyn Harbor.
There are two different movements of rail cars, one is related to trans-shipment to and from NewYork on the car float, the other is delivery and collection of cars from the harbor industries.These being a warehouse, milling factory, beer packaging, wheat silos, and oil tanks for marine craft.. Occasionally there are some industry box cars (mainly ex-Saga Brewery loaded with cans or bottles) which need to go to NewYork by car float. Freight cars arrive from the classi- fication yard having originated anywhere in the USA, but predominantly from the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In addition an infrequent passenger train of only two cars services the town, but is likely to be withdrawn in the near future.
Structures are a mixture of kits amended or scratch built.Turnouts are operated by rods under the layout, uncoupling done manually with a skewer.Although built for DC operation and therefore has a number of switched sections, it is now operated with DCC (NCE Power Cab) as I have several chipped locomotives. Two people can carry out switching
at Evelyn Harbor, a third can switch
the classification yard and a fourth can supply the yard with the Chessie System passing trains originating from the off- scene fiddle yard and dropping off or collecting freight cars. I have created
a simplified system of car cards and waybills but leave it to the operator to determine the train movements (i.e. no switch lists) and there is also a schedule for a week’s operations throughout the whole layout.
I hope my production of a USA layout has not produced too many glaring errors. I’m, aware that some of my road vehicles are too modern and there may be some freight cars that weren’t built before 1980.
Graham Elliott
 A Conrail GP15-1 at the diesel fuelling dock prior to a ride on the turntablehgh-
 A Conrail GP15-1 brings in the train for the car float
 A Conrail GP15-1 has uncoupled and about to run round
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