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NMRA Convention Contests

"Here come the judge!"

Are you confused about how NMRA Contests work? Are you put off by stories of "too much paperwork"? From discussions with various members it became obvious that people are confused about Contests. Hopefully this article can clear things up a bit and encourage you to enter a Contest in the future:

• "Here come the judge!"

Form Guide

An entry form (#901) including name and address, NMRA membership number, model scale, category and item name or title must be filled out for each model submitted. A claim ticket will be provided for each item entered.

A Judge's Score Sheet for the Judged Model Contest (#902), Module Contest (#903) and the Arts & Crafts Contest (#906) must also be filled out and submitted. It is permissible to additionally submit a typed sheet(s) containing all requested information in lieu of entering the information on the ifficial score sheet. However, the information for each factor (construction, conformity, detail, etc.) must be presented in the same order. The People's Choice Awards, the Model Showcase and the Photo Contest do not require a Judging Sheet.

Please leave the contest entry number box blank as an entry number will be assigned. The plan is to use Cloak-room tickets for this, and those numbers will then double as entry numbers for any popular vote contest run at the same time.

If you wish to enter an item for any of the donated awards, please advise the Contest Chairman in plenty of time, as some of these are judged by the donator, and that person may not be present at the time and will need to provide a proxy to judge them.

If you are running a Popular Vote contest at your Meet, then you should be able to find downloadable forms on this website.

Contest Forms

The following are the forms needed for entry into the Convention Contest. You are able to either download individual files, or download all the documents in one Contest Pack. If you have any questions, please contact the Contest Chairman via email.

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• Contest Pack (all the forms in one download)
• NMRA BR Form #901 (required for each entry)
• NMRA BR Form #902 (for Model Contest)
• Competition Rules and Classes for NMRA BR
• Rules for Reffin Award

For Meet Contest Managers

• Popular Vote form
• Popular Vote Ballot form

These documents are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe Reader software, you can download it here:

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