Chicagoland railfanning info

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Chicagoland railfanning info

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Chicago is still one of the best cities for railfanning, with oodles of choice from the Western, Eastern and Canadian class 1s, plus several major and minor terminal/switching/industrial operations, and some of the midwestern regionals too.

I've not managed to go since 2000, but if you're planning a trip you could do much worse than to check out the following websites:
This images here are rather out of date, but I think the basic info is still good, and those locations that Trains reccomended back in 1993 are still there...
With much of Chicago's attraction being the many junctions between routes (sort-of a 2-for-1 deal on train quantity) this site is well worth a delve, lots of info on all Chicago's junctions, this is a great guide, with driving directions, estimates of traffic, notes about safety or legality included. Well worth a few hours...

Ah, for the chance to spend a few hours sat at Blue Island again...
Martyn Read
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