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Prototype photo websites

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One of the great things about the internet, especially for us folk modelling railroads half a world away is the sharing of lots of prototype images - the widespread use of digital camera's has made this vastly easier (and quicker and cheaper too!) for those who model recent years...

If you have links to your own prototype images online please share a link to them here.
Or, if you don't have any of your own out there why not post a link to your favourite prototype photo website and tell us why it's great?

Most of my online images were taken in the UK as I only rarely get the chance to visit the US (it's been more than a decade...) - but I do have an overseas section containing quite a few images - including many freightcar shots, a mix of my own and some contributed by other folk, such as Mel Rogers (also a member here) - i'm also happy to host other contributions, if you have some you'd like to share, send me a PM.

Link here:

Example - SPFE459830 at Dolton Jcn IL, September 2000

On another part of the same site, and 'scratching my inner geek', :geek: I also host 'The Humble Box' - devoted to recording intermodal containers. That's of global relevance so not everything on there is relevant to the North American modeller, although much is. There is some coverage of US domestic boxes (48s and 53s) for example and lots of coverage of 'deep sea' traffic...this site is much dependant on contributors, if you can help with images (especially of the fast-changing US domestic boxes) please get in touch.

Link here to browse by container operator (sorted by the BIC owner code)
Or here to browse by container type codes

Example - Sea-Land 45' deep sea box (L5G1) SEAU873901-1 at Willesden, W. London, Nov 2008
Martyn Read
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