HO ModSIG - Introduction

HO Scale Modular Development SIG
Contact: Martyn Read

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HO Scale Modular Development SIG
Contact: Martyn Read
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HO ModSIG - Introduction

Post by Gloriousnse »

The NMRA-BR is working to promote a number of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) – one of which is called “HO Modular Development”, and I've agreed to be the point of contact for this, partly because it’s a role that I’m already doing to some extent!

This SIG is not just restricted to NMRA members, and I would see this as a good way to encourage more participation and share knowledge in a more structured way than we've managed so far.

Looking back at previous discussion on the topic the following things are mentioned as potentially part of this role:

1. Clearing-house for events (Making sure when there’s an event planned, all the relevant people are aware)
2. Point of Contact for new entrants (Letting them know what it’s all about, what’s going on, and putting them into contact with a local group if there is one)
3. Newsletter (Bi-Monthly?)

1 and 2 are important, and I’m making a start on those with this email – 3 I feel I need to put to one side for the moment, it’s not something I feel I can take on immediately, and it may be that with other methods of communication we eventually feel it’s not needed? I’m happy to receive feedback.

So for #1 – currently I’m aware of the following:

• 20th June – TVNAM (Show with the Midlands group’s modules in attendance)
• 26/27th Sep – Midlands freemo meet at Armitage
• 7/8th May 2016 – Devon freemo meet in Christow

If there’s any other events please let me know. Obviously there’s no point in advertising local group meets that you don’t want others to become involved in.

In terms of promotion, with so many different methods of communication these days, my intention is to promote what’s happening through a limited number of means – in no particular order:

The freemo Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/modularamerican (if you are a member there, you can add events to the group yourself)
The NMRA-BR web forum
The NMRA-BR magazine “Roundhouse”

I’d be interested to know if there are folk that won’t pick up on the information from one or other of those sources, and are there any other means that folk believe need to be covered. I’m happy to look at other methods, I’m just trying to keep my workload with this to a manageable level, and I also don’t want to bore everyone by spamming every board and communication means with it!

Keep in mind as well that whilst I endeavour to pass on information about all events I’m informed of, that doesn’t mean that I’m personally involved in them!

For #2, I want to start with a blank page for my contacts list, I know I’m already in contact in some form with many groups, but I’m unsure for many of you who the best contact person would be if I had an enquiry about somebody wanting to get involved with building and operating modules (I’m aware it may not be the same person as for a general enquiry for instance) – if all groups could let me know basic contact details that would be great, again, it doesn’t matter if your group is an NMRA one or not. I realise some of you may want to wander away and have a chat amongst yourselves on that!

Similarly, if you are currently a “lone wolf” module owner who lives in an area where there is no group at present, and would like to be put in contact with anyone else in the same position then please let me know.

This second part may end up being published at some point, but I can confirm I will not publish your private contact details without your permission.

And finally, whilst the thrust of this is towards the NMRA-BR/RS Tower freemo style modules, I’m happy to pass on details of North American outline HO modular groups working to other standards as well.
Martyn Read