My First Layout - N Gauge Denesport & Lesley Falls

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Re: My First Layout - N Gauge Denesport & Lesley Falls

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Hi Dean

I think most DCC locos are set up to run on either DCC or DC. In any case there is one CV one can alter (sort of permanently) that allows the train to operate on either without subsequent change. But I would google it as apparently there can be problems with some decoders and some throttles.

Mike will have a better grip on this.

OH, and yes the diagram is difficult to read!

Peter L-J
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Re: My First Layout - N Gauge Denesport & Lesley Falls

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Hi Peter,

Just looked at it again and realised it's only part of it - the transfer has cropped the right hand side of it!!

It's nice and big as an excel spreadsheet though :lol: - I think it's a case of run with it and see what happens. I also need to dig out the DCC loco's and read the instructions!

My biggest problem is trying to operate points through the 60+MM. baseboard/foam arrangement - I was hoping to use servo's but struggling at the moment to get it to work.

Thanks again for the advice.


Dean Halls
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Re: My First Layout - N Gauge Denesport & Lesley Falls

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Nice drawing! Most don't even have a scribble, that makes it very hard to fault find. The only thing I would question is switching the power to the passing loop by the right hand turnout, 1. you don't need the double pole switch as the loop can be connected to the the frog, with both rails on the same feed nothing will move. 2. using the turnout for that purpose means you can't enter from the left of the loop if the turnout is sent against it, something that may well happen.

As to DCC locos on d.c. yes most will do that without a problem. You don't need to change the address, the 0000 thing is for operating d.c. locos on DCC, where there are more problems. The bit 2 in CV 29 does need to be set for d.c. operation, this is normally the default setting. The only downside to having this bit set is that some times the loco can run away on DCC. I've only ever heard of this with Digitrax, apparently their systems can give out d.c. for a short time when powering up. As decoders decide what to work on when they are powered up they can think they are on d.c. at full power and hurtle off! All my locos are d.c. enabled and have never had the problem. That allows me to use d.c. for wheel cleaning.
A DCC loco will not start on d.c. until 5 or more volts, but will then operate ok, it will still have acceleration delay and sound if fitted. I've read it is best to run them on smooth d.c. not pulsed.
Mike Ruby
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