Downsizing Layout

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Downsizing Layout

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Hi Everyone

After much soul searching, I am downsizing my New Haven layout. The current one is stalled and to be honest, it's too big for my attention span! I like to do smaller achievable projects. I am therefore taking out my large layout and will be doing a series of smaller more cameo layouts which can fit in the same slot as each other but be put away for storage.

The upshot is that I will probably sell my larger rolling stock and locomotives such as coaches or big diesels. They are all New Haven so it is very specialised. I know when I sold my On30 it was well below cost!

Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to sell the stock eg good dealers etc? I also have a few buildings I will be offloading too.


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Re: Downsizing Layout

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Hi Kathy,
I'm a very irregular visitor here, so 'scuse the 3 month gap. I'm sorry to hear the big NH layout isn't working out. I might be able to help jump start it, or if the die is cast take some stock off your hands. My Milw/NP layout is coming along but I'm re-stocking my NH fleet with a view to doing a mini Oak Point and the Pelham Bay drawbridge in the mid 60s; I'm the guy who collared you at Warley a few years back just after I'd liquidated my NH fleet.
PM me at
Cheers, Neill Horton
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