New Boy

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New Boy

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Just joined the NMRA UK.

Have been modeling American HO for over 20 years. Now live in Wallingford Oxfordshire.

Main interest is B&O 1940's although for some reason I have a DD40 :lol:

I love big locos and have 3 articulated steam locos plus many, many smaller ones. Most with DCC sound.

I have a 16 by 2 complete switching layout that I got second hand of eBay plus a 5 by 1 layout that is still just bare wood and track. Been that way for 3 years :cry:

Used to have a 10 by 8 room layout but life happens and not all of it was nice :x
If I want to run long trains I set up the EZ Track on the sitting room carpet. Luckily I have a lady who puts up with it and supports my madness :D

Heading for the big 50 next year and we are planing to cross Canada by train if we can raise the funds.
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Re: New Boy

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Where can a man find a Lady like that?
Not many around lol.

I thought 13.25 x 12.62 was small!
It is kind of full though...
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