How to make model trees

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How to make model trees

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I have discovered an amazing series of how to videos by Boomer Diorama on YouTube which explains and shows how to make the most creative trees using simple twisted wire and static grass.

These videos are in my opinion a real eye opener using simple techniques to achieve outstanding results

Well worth giving it a try.

Peter Bowen
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Re: How to make model trees

Post by great_northern29 »

Peter I totaly agree with you, I would go further to say If any one wants to realy push themselves and their modeling He is by far the best teacher I have come across on you tube he has spent a big chunk of his modeling life as a professional and he trys very hard to show you how to do things to the highest level a lot of the time simpler than you would think. I think the most important thing he teaches is confidance and how to improve your modeling. Ihave learnt a lot from him.
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