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Why join the NMRA?

  • Fellowship

    Members at all levels of the NMRA are eager to share their knowledge and friendship in local divisions and on the national level.

  • Member Services

    Being a member of the NMRA entitles you to a multitude of services, all geared toward expanding your enjoyment of the hobby.

  • Standards

    The NMRA was the organization that set those Standards and Recommended Practices which still guide manufacturers and consumers alike.

  • Achievement Program

    The NMRA's Achievement Program, or "AP", is designed to help modelers improve their skills and get more out of their hobby. The "AP" gives recognition to members who have displayed a high degree of skill or service to the hobby.

There are four membership options available: 

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The below rates are effective as per January 1st 2018. 

1. NMRA Membership plus Region Services* (but excluding NMRA Magazine* ) £30.00
2. NMRA Membership plus Region Services* & NMRA Magazine* £74.00
3. NMRA Membership plus NMRA Magazine* (but excluding Region Services*) £62.00
4. NMRA Membership (excluding Region Services* & NMRA Magazine*) £17.00
* Region Services include Roundhouse Magazine, Region Library, Member Aid and much more
* NMRA Magazine is the NMRA National monthly magazine


To join the NMRA British Region please download our application form or click on the 'Join the NMRA' button below to join online

If you live in Continental Europe, South America or Africa, please visit www.nmraatlantic.org to join
If you live in the United States or Canada, please visit www.nmra.org to join
If you live in Australia, New Zealand, the Asian Subcontinent or the Far East, please visit www.nmra.org.au to join

Adobe PDF download our Membership Application Form (Adobe PDF document), fill it in and send it to us with a cheque.

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If you want to pay by cheque, please download our application form:

Adobe PDF download our Membership Application Form (Adobe PDF document)-->

If you are already a member, you can now renew online

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Interesting in American Modelling?  Join the NMRAFor more information please contact the Registrar:

Tel. 01275 857356

The Registrar
12 Yeomead
BS48 1JA

Region Library

The region library is open for business. If you are interested in borrowing any books please contact our region librarian Eric Belshaw at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The Region Library consists of books (prototype and model), magazines, tape-slide clinics and NMRA videos. There is no rental charge (except videos £1) but borrowers pay all postage. A list can be found here: Library List.

NMRA BR Region Library

There are around 200 titles devoted to American Model Railroading topics and over 500 Prototype titles. The 13 NMRA produced Videos cover all major subjects in model railroading. The Tape-Slide Clinics number around 70 and cover major subjects too, but also deal with some of the more esoteric aspects of the hobby.

Another aspect of the Library is the magazine collection. However, as many titles are available on-line (Model Railroading and Railmodel Journal) and the Region has purchased all past Model Railroaders on DVD, magazines are being disposed of as they become less relevant and take up a large proportion of the space.  Certain titles will be sent complete to some members who will continue to make them available on request (Railroad Model Craftsman, Prototype Modeller and Mainline Modeler).  Again more information will be made available when it is to hand.
On joining the Association new members are presented with a Directory listing all the Library's books, facilities and the rules governing the borrowing procedure. This list is also available for download here: Library List.

The British Region's Magazine, ROUNDHOUSE, is mailed to those members subscribing for Region Services on even months (Feb, April etc.). Its content is very dependent on the contributions received from the members and YOU are encouraged to contribute. You may have built an interesting model, have a tip on a useful modelling technique or perhaps have railroad information which would be of interest to other members. Additionally British Region publishes an electronic newsletter BRe-news by e-mail on the odd months - see this link: http://www.nmrabr.org.uk/bre-news

NMRA BR Roundhouse Magazine December 2015

If you want to know what our ROUNDHOUSE magazine looks like, just click on the image to the right to download a recent copy.


If you have never written an article before and would like to discuss it first, please contact the Editor, Peter Bowen. As an innovation this year there will be an award for the best article published - watch ROUNDHOUSE for more details.

Material for publication should be sent to the Editor. Both paper and electronic submissions are acceptable. Electronic input should be on CD-Rom or via email (editor@). For other formats, or if you use a Mac, please contact the Editor.

Copy date deadlines for publication are given in each issue. You may advertise (non-business) sales and wants in the "Beanery" section of the ROUNDHOUSE. Please send details to the Editor.

Past copies of ROUNDHOUSE are also available for download six months after publication to those members who subscribe for Region Services.

The Achievement Program is a non-competitive award system instituted by the NMRA. It gives you the opportunity to collect awards in many different categories, continued progress possibly culminating in the title Master Model Railroader.

It gives you the opportunity to have your work assessed by experienced modellers who are always willing to discuss them with you and provide the encouragement and advice you need.

The real goal in the Achievement Program is, arguably, to encourage participants to develop new skills and to further improve their modelling abilities. Collecting certificates on the way to achieving MMR status is a satisfying way of recognising your own personal achievements in the hobby.

1. Master Builder - Cars
2. Master Builder - Motive Power
3. Master Builder - Structures
4. Master Builder - Scenery
4a. Master Builder - Prototype Models
5. Model Railroad Engineer - Civil
6. Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical
7. Chief Dispatcher
8. Association Official
9. Association Volunteer
10. Model Railroad Author

Models can be assessed at any convenient time and place for you and the assessors. It could also be at a Regional or Divisional Meet or even the Convention. Models may also be assessed at the Convention Contest. The same scoring system is used and Merit Awards in the Contest count towards the Achievement Program.

NMRA members can find a detailed summary of the Achievement Program in the Members' Directory.

Full details can also be found on the NMRA website:  Achievement Program - there is also a new Yahoo Group where other AP participants and MMR's share experiences and advice.

The British Region Member Forum is another place where you can discuss the AP with fellow Region members, ask for advice etc.  You can find the page by following This link: NMRA BR Achievement Program

For more information on the Achievement Program please contact the Achievement Program Chairman