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Interested in joining the NMRA?

Why join the NMRA?

  • Fellowship

    Members at all levels of the NMRA are eager to share their knowledge and friendship in local divisions and on the national level.

  • Member Services

    Being a member of the NMRA entitles you to a multitude of services, all geared toward expanding your enjoyment of the hobby.

  • Standards

    The NMRA was the organization that set those Standards and Recommended Practices which still guide manufacturers and consumers alike.

  • Achievement Program

    The NMRA's Achievement Program, or "AP", is designed to help modelers improve their skills and get more out of their hobby. The "AP" gives recognition to members who have displayed a high degree of skill or service to the hobby.

There are four membership options available: 

 Click the 'join the nmra' button below. 

The below rates are effective as per January 1st 2018. 

1. NMRA Membership plus Region Services* (but excluding NMRA Magazine* ) £30.00
2. NMRA Membership plus Region Services* & NMRA Magazine* £74.00
3. NMRA Membership plus NMRA Magazine* (but excluding Region Services*) £62.00
4. NMRA Membership (excluding Region Services* & NMRA Magazine*) £17.00
* Region Services include Roundhouse Magazine, Region Library, Member Aid and much more
* NMRA Magazine is the NMRA National monthly magazine


To join the NMRA British Region please download our application form or click on the 'Join the NMRA' button below to join online

If you live in Continental Europe, South America or Africa, please visit www.nmraatlantic.org to join
If you live in the United States or Canada, please visit www.nmra.org to join
If you live in Australia, New Zealand, the Asian Subcontinent or the Far East, please visit www.nmra.org.au to join

Adobe PDF download our Membership Application Form (Adobe PDF document), fill it in and send it to us with a cheque.

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If you want to pay by cheque, please download our application form:

Adobe PDF download our Membership Application Form (Adobe PDF document)-->

If you are already a member, you can now renew online

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Interesting in American Modelling?  Join the NMRAFor more information please contact the Registrar:

Tel. 01275 857356

The Registrar
12 Yeomead
BS48 1JA