Breaking News- Convention 2022 in UK

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Kathy Millatt and Chris Ibbotson presented the British Region bid to host the 2022 National Convention in Birmingham, in competition with the Australasian Region to host on the Gold Coast, Australia (south of Brisbane and venue for the 2018 Commonwealth Games).  Kathy e-mailed the working party immediately after the decision was taken by the BOD to award it to British Region.  Kathy commented: “We WON. It was close - our financials  won it.  Well done to Chris for an excellent job at presenting alongside. .I’ll chat to the Meetings & Trade Show team to work out what we do next and when.  Have a great weekend with the news!”

Well folks, it’s actually going to happen, for the first time in 51 years the National Convention is happening this side of the pond. Congratulations to the team from us all back home.