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Members' Layouts Available for Exhibitions, Shows, Meets, etc

Many of our members have built a layout , or Pike as they say in America, that is available to book for shows, exhibitions etc.

Collectively they cover a wide array of scales, themes, and locales in North America and they are build to be displayed and operated. 

Below you can find a current list of layouts available. We call this our 'Pike Registry'.

Clicking on a link will provide you with an information sheet in PDF format, giving you details on the layout and it's builder. 

You can contact the builders individually and arrange to book / view them if they would fit your show.

2nd Hand Yard 

AMRL Grain & Beer

AMRL Waukegan & Kenosha Terminal

BNSF Horsethief Bridge

Buda Flyer

Derby Freemo

Essex Belt Lines

Fulton Terminal

Gilbert Papers Menasha

Hacienda Avenue


Lytton CPR

Los Mochos

Mineral Point

Prospect Valley

Railroad Crossing

Roanoke Roundhouse

Santa Barbara

Sip'n' Switch

Steven's Point

Sumach Grove

Walker's Ridge

Wausau Park