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Roundhouse Magazine

The British Region's Magazine, ROUNDHOUSE, is mailed to those members subscribing for Region Services on even months (Feb, April etc.). Its content is very dependent on the contributions received from the members and YOU are encouraged to contribute. You may have built an interesting model, have a tip on a useful modelling technique or perhaps have railroad information which would be of interest to other members. Additionally British Region publishes an electronic newsletter BRe-news by e-mail on the odd months - see this link: http://www.nmrabr.org.uk/bre-news

NMRA BR Roundhouse Magazine December 2015

If you want to know what our ROUNDHOUSE magazine looks like, just click on the image to the right to download a recent copy.


If you have never written an article before and would like to discuss it first, please contact the Editor, Peter Bowen. As an innovation this year there will be an award for the best article published - watch ROUNDHOUSE for more details.

Material for publication should be sent to the Editor. Both paper and electronic submissions are acceptable. Electronic input should be on CD-Rom or via email (editor@). For other formats, or if you use a Mac, please contact the Editor.

Copy date deadlines for publication are given in each issue. You may advertise (non-business) sales and wants in the "Beanery" section of the ROUNDHOUSE. Please send details to the Editor.

Past copies of ROUNDHOUSE are also available for download six months after publication to those members who subscribe for Region Services.