Christow modular meet -

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Christow modular meet -

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Hi all, hope you've had a great Christmas and New Year. Time to start getting the planning underway for Christow modular meet 2017.

Dates this year are 6th/7th May, this does clash with Derby show for any of the midlands guys, we'll try and miss that in future years but it wasn't possible in this one. Location is the same as last year, in Christow, Devon, near Exeter.

For those that didn't make it - here's some pics from last year: ... on-Freemo/

If you've been to any of the Uk Freemo modular meets before it'll be similar, a chance for a bunch of like-minded folk to get together and have fun running a layout that's far larger than any of us usually get to work, in what's hopefully a friendly and unstressed environment. Not to mention the chance to chat with other modellers.

Plan for the weekend will be very similar, i'm envisaging a similar cost per head, not more than £20 covering the venue, some basic insurance and with food included.
It'll be a Sat AM setup, a Sunday afternoon knock-down, and we'll have space again for the ever popular bring and buy tables for unloading that stuff you never use (and going home with more of it!)
I know last year we didn't use it, but as we do have the keys a Sat Evening session is possible if folk want it, let me know.
As the RPM table wasn't that well used last year that we leave it out on this one, unless there are folk out there that really really want it. Let me know if that's the case?

Any questions, please come back to me.

If you could shoot me a reply asap to confirm if you are interested in attending that would be great.

Module providers, if you could let me know what you're planning to bring that would be great and I can start getting a layout plan sorted out. Thanks to those who have already sent me info. If it helps, i'm going to try and get down to Western Union in Jan to have a chat.
As usual, modules need to be in working order, but don't need to be 'finished' - so if you're still working on something (or about to start even!) that's fine.


Module info by Early Feb please. Will be asking for freightcar details by early April to get the data-entry done.
Will be asking for your payments in Mid March, to be in by early April please.

Still work to do on this, but the plan at present is:

Martyn Read
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