Page 10 - May June 2020
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 Simulating Rust and Weathering
Peter Bowen
  The finished rusty and weather beaten car, no dents, good runner, low mileage, one owner - photos by Peter Bowen
After attending a weathering workshop by Arry Dodd at the NMRA British Region convention in Aberdeen last year I was eager to try some weathering using salt to simulate rust.
Not currently having access to an air- brush I used commercially available flat spray paint and my trusted method of using Pan Pastels which in my opinion produces a very subtle suggestion of wear and weathering.
The following photos show the pro- gression through the steps to achieve an overall effect. I started with a 1/43 die cast and plastic Russian car which I found on Ebay by a seller in Moscow which appeared to be the right era for what I am modelling.
This is the first time that I had tried this method of rust weathering and I have since used Tamiya flat spray paints where the final colour is anything but grey. I also used Army Painter flat spray to fix the Pan Pastels and dull the final colour
The disassembled car
The first coat of red is applied
Some of the original colour still shows
Table salt is then applied over the top of the still wet red spray paint
      The car interior detail
  Flat red spray paint is applied first fol- lowed by flat grey
 ROUNDHOUSE - May/June 2020

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