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  Photo: Layout awarded a Golden Spike, in this case for extending and modifying a second-hand layout sufficiently from its original form. (Mike Arnold photo)
Categories and Requirements
As mentioned earlier, there are four categories from which you can choose a minimum of seven out of the eleven certificates to aim for. There must be at least one from every category.
Model Railroad Equipment (two certificates available)
Master Builder – Motive Power
For most, this is possibly the toughest category. You need to construct three highly detailed models. One must be completely scratch-built (for definitions of scratch-built locomotives, please see power). If you use commercial chassis on two of the models, the rest of the construction needs to be sufficient to obtain the 87.5 points required for a Merit award.
The term, ‘Motive Power’ includes: any type of steam, diesel, electric, traction, MoW, or any other form of self- propelled rail-mounted vehicle.
Photo: Eric Belshaw’s scratch-built On30 Sentinel steam rail- motor (Tom Watson photo)
Photo: Scratch-built speeder by Kathy Millatt (Mike Arnold photo)
Master Builder - Cars
The word “Cars” refers to anything that rolls on the track and is pulled by either a locomotive or some other form of motive power. This includes freight cars, passenger cars, maintenance of way cars - including equipment such as cranes, cabooses, cable cars, unpowered (dummy) locomotives, etc.
You need to build eight operable scale models, and there must be at least four different types of car, one of which must be a passenger car (this includes express and baggage cars).
Four cars must achieve a Merit Award, but all eight models must be to a similar standard and super detailed with either commercial parts or scratch-built parts. See
for further
info and
 Settings (three certificates available) Master Builder – Structures
    Photo: Scratch-built “Everett Sash & Door” warehouse by Tom Winlow. Signs were hand-painted. (Tom Winlow photo)
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